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The average American will spend $250,000 on car ownership over the course of their lives. Of that total amount, they will spend an average of $84,000 on their car insurance. Per year the cost of car ownership breaks down to $10,000, of which $1,600 per year is spent on auto insurance. Cars are really expensive, and car owners should try to save money every chance they get.

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There are a few facts every driver should know about car insurance before choosing a policy. Firstly, items stolen from a vehicle are not covered by standard car insurance policies. Secondly, if you're a business owner and you use your car for business purposes, your car insurance IS tax deductible. This tax advantage is something small business owners should take advantage of. If you already have home insurance, get a quote from your current provider to see if they offer a bundle discount on your insurance plans. Your credit score DOES affect your premium rate because insurance companies have statistics that tell them that people with higher credit scores are less likely to file claims. The color of your car does NOT affect your premium. Insurance companies don't collect this type of information on your car.

There are a lot of factors insurance companies look at when determining a car insurance premium. Did you know that your occupation can affect your rates? Another critical factor insurance companies look at is the type of car you drive. Some makes and models are stolen more than others, and insurance companies know all of the statistics on your car's theft rate.

When you're ready to pull the trigger and purchase a policy, remember to cancel your old policy if you have one. Any amount of time that your policies overlap is money wasted. Once you have your policy there are a few things you need to know. For example, if your friend totals your car, you, the car owner, are still responsible for filing a claim on the accident.

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